Saturday, December 5, 2009

Arts & Crafts Style Sconce

This Sconce was originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for
the May House in Grand Rapids, Michigan and made out of metal. My interpretationis made of Mahogany and has some Tiger Maple around theedges of the base. It can be mounted on a wall outlet or plugged in as it is in this picture. $300

Monday, November 30, 2009

More FLW Lamps

Here are some early lamps I made and donated to the Lincoln Library to auction off as fundraisers. The first lamp is 30" tall with lights on both sides and tall slats that let light through. This one is made of cherry wood.

This large lamp is the classic Frank Lloyd Wright lantern similar to the one styled in brass for the Robie House. This one is made of cherry and stained glass. It has a lighted base as well as traditional light under glass shade. The couple who bought this lamp were building a house and designed the entryway especially to emphasize the lantern.

This floor lamp is modeled after Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin 1, originally designed for the interior of his home, Taliesin, built in Spring Green, Wisconsin in 1911. Settled on a solid base, the shaft of the lamp supports a square shade of wood and stained glass that evokes the sheltering roof of a pagoda, one of the architect's signature tectonic forms. Wright used this design repeatedly as desk lamps in the homes of his later clients and in 1955 reconfigured it as a floor lamp for the Donald Loveness House in Stillwater, Minnesota. The lamp stands 49 inches in height abd is made of mahogany with a wood and stained glass shade.

Although these three lamps have found homes, please contact me to have similar lamps made by special order.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Prairie Desk Lamp

This Prairie Style Desk Lamp was inspired by the
designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and is made with
mahogany and black walnut. It is my interpretation
of the lines and proportions that Mr. Wright used
in his lighting fixtures for many of the Prairie houses
he designed. It was sold at a benefit auction for Ability Plus.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hillside Lamp

This project was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Hillside Lamps he designed for many of his houses. The shades are tiger maple, the stem and base are mahogany and the boxes are cherry. My interpretation is similar in proportion and style to his original lamps. $300

Friday, November 6, 2009

Prairie Style Wall Sconce

This unique lighting fixture was inspired by Frank
Lloyd Wright and one he designed for the May House
in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I used Cherry and
Black Walnut for the plugs. It's a little less than
11 inches in each direction. I have a pair of them
above the mantle in our house. His plans for a home always included details for lighting, furniture
and draperies. A pair of these are over our mantle.


It's probably a good idea to tell you how to get in touch if you're interested in owning any of these projects or just want to talk shop. You should be able to email me through this blog. Or call me at 802-349-5362 anytime except Thursday nights when I'm on the ice or when the UVM ice cats have a home game. My email address is

Wood Art

Here are a few pieces I've put together out of wood.

This little cherry box with a stripe of tiger maple is in the shape of a tree. The drawer is lined with felt and holds small jewelry pieces or favorite shells or stones. It's 5" high X 5" long X 3-1/2" wide. $75

I made this landscape out of a variety of hardwood scraps and painted some of them to add color. The piece is 14-3/4" long X 4-3/4" high X 1" deep. Available for $95, plus $10 shipping.

This triptych is bolted over the door leading to the basement of our Lincoln home. It measures 36" wide X 11" high X 1" deep. The landscapes are each 8" square, and the center geometric design is 8-1/2" square. I can't sell this one, but if you'd like to order one like it, let me know. I can also make the landscapes or the geometric design solo.

Frank Lloyd Wright started the Prairie house design, and this model follows that style. It's made of butternut (roof), black walnut (base and chimney), and cherry (house) and is 6-1/2" long X 2-3/4" wide X 2-1/4" high. Available for $65, plus $10 shipping.

This covered bowl is made of purple heart and rosewood, which I've swirled together. The lid is purple heart. The bowl with lid measures 3" high X 5-1/4" across. Available for $50, plus $10 shipping.

There's a lot more to show you, but that's it for now. We're expecting a professor of philosophy to arrive any minute for a night in the treehouse. Check it out on, Fern Forest Treehouse in Vermont, and come visit.

Maybe I Will Launch

In 1995 I built a tractor shed on my land in Lincoln Vermont to house my 1951 Case. I've since sold the old boy and bought a 1950 Ford 9N. Several years ago I added a post-and-beam carport to the tractor shed. The tractor now sits in the carport, and I've turned the shed into a workshop.

I retired last year from 30 years teaching architecture and woodworking at a rural Vermont high school. While I was teaching, I made lots of projects, including four Frank Lloyd Wright design lamps, which were auctioned off to support the Lincoln Library. I'll show you those in a separate blog post. I also made furniture, including a bed and a dining table, which are being used in the Lincoln house. Here are some of my bowls, most of which are available for purchase:

This little mahogany bowl is 5" wide X 4" high, hand turned. I keep it filled with chocolate kisses within reach from my favorite chair, but I'll let it go for $30 plus $10 for UPS ground ship.

I was lucky to find some beautiful spalted maple to accent this mahogany bowl. At 4" high X 9-1/4 across, it holds plenty of salad for four people. This is my wife's favorite bowl, but I could pry it out of her grip for $95, plus $10 for ground ship.

I thought you'd like to see the mahogany salad bowl I made for my wife. It's 6-3/4" high X 11-1/4" across. She'd never part with it, and as you can see, it has been well used. It easily holds enough salad for a large dinner party, and I can make a new one for $90, $15 UPS ship.

I think that's plenty for now. You might check out the treehouse I made with my son Will. I'll tell you all about that later, but you can come stay in it by booking through Go to Vermont, and you should find Fern Forest Tree House. Ellie and I would love to meet you.