Friday, November 6, 2009

Wood Art

Here are a few pieces I've put together out of wood.

This little cherry box with a stripe of tiger maple is in the shape of a tree. The drawer is lined with felt and holds small jewelry pieces or favorite shells or stones. It's 5" high X 5" long X 3-1/2" wide. $75

I made this landscape out of a variety of hardwood scraps and painted some of them to add color. The piece is 14-3/4" long X 4-3/4" high X 1" deep. Available for $95, plus $10 shipping.

This triptych is bolted over the door leading to the basement of our Lincoln home. It measures 36" wide X 11" high X 1" deep. The landscapes are each 8" square, and the center geometric design is 8-1/2" square. I can't sell this one, but if you'd like to order one like it, let me know. I can also make the landscapes or the geometric design solo.

Frank Lloyd Wright started the Prairie house design, and this model follows that style. It's made of butternut (roof), black walnut (base and chimney), and cherry (house) and is 6-1/2" long X 2-3/4" wide X 2-1/4" high. Available for $65, plus $10 shipping.

This covered bowl is made of purple heart and rosewood, which I've swirled together. The lid is purple heart. The bowl with lid measures 3" high X 5-1/4" across. Available for $50, plus $10 shipping.

There's a lot more to show you, but that's it for now. We're expecting a professor of philosophy to arrive any minute for a night in the treehouse. Check it out on, Fern Forest Treehouse in Vermont, and come visit.

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